The Easiest CLEP Exams To Take (And Pass!)

Easiest CLEP Exams is a comprehensive resource for students that wish to prepare for the CLEP exams. The website provides information about the exams, test preparation and study resources.

Receive a Bachelor’s Degree at Your Own Pace

The CLEP tests are designed to allow students to study and prepare for the exams at their own pace. Although a CLEP exam lasts a little more than 2 hours to complete, the courses are designed to be completed in a reasonable amount of time and with minimal material.

Section 2: Discover what you need to study to pass CLEP Exams

The easiestCLEP Exams website’s “What You Need To Study” feature allows students to quickly see which subject areas are required for the exams.

Section 3: Create a study plan to prepare for CLEP Exams

The website has a free CLEP study tool that enables students to identify the subject areas needed to pass each CLEP exam.

What is the CLEP Exam?

The CLEP is an internationally recognized educational certification program.

It was first developed to provide educational credentials to adult learners who wanted to pursue further education beyond their high school diploma.

In 2012, the CLEP system was redesigned to provide college credit for courses that were previously viewed as C.A.S.E. and A.A.L. credits.

The CLEP tests are taken by more than two million students annually. The exams cover a wide range of business, humanities and science related courses and are administered on local, regional and national levels.

The exam process is standardized across the country and offers students greater flexibility than traditional college courses.

The CLEP Program also offers over 250 programs in 16 fields.


Easiest CLEP Exams

How to Prepare for the CLEP Exam

CLEP exams help individuals meet education requirements for careers in business, public service, technology, healthcare and more. You can prepare for the exams by exploring the website’s free resources, such as articles and video lectures, guides for course selection, financial aid and writing your CLEP test essays.

Find a Get Started Recommendation

The website offers a useful checklist to help students choose the right CLEP study materials. It’s very important to choose a study program that you can continue following after you’ve passed your exam.

Avoid Common Study Errors

The Get Started Recommendation includes a simple advice guide that offers reliable tips that will help students avoid common study mistakes.

How to Take the CLEP Exam

CLEP Exams are also available online. We have provided an interactive CLEP Exam Study Guide for you. The CLEP Exam Study Guide is based on the questions from the official test book. The materials provided by the website are free of charge. However, you are welcome to purchase additional materials at

How the CLEP Exam Prep Works

Many students don’t know how to take the CLEP Exam and end up failing the test. In the article Learning How to Take the CLEP Exam, we explained in detail how to take the test and how to pass the exam.

The Easiest CLEP Exams To Take (And Pass!)

· Dates of Examinations

· Exam Level

· Campus

· Test Length

· Credentials Required for Completing Exams

· For a complete list of all CLEP exams, visit the official CLEP website.

Easiest CLEP Exams To Take (And Pass!)

Dr. Donna Evans (Site Expert, CLEP)


In order to earn your college degree, you need to pass a CLEP exam. I highly recommend taking this exam if you need to reach your graduation goal. The CLEP tests your knowledge, subject matter, skills, and skills. The exams are geared toward working professionals.

The Easiest CLEP Exams To Take (And Pass!)

Dr. Donna Evans (Site Expert, CLEP)


By continuing your education you are ensuring your career success. Often students only obtain their degree after years of work.

English Composition

This E-Learning Exam Prep Test Prep has you covered with weekly new flashcards, lots of creative exercises, and study guides.

FluentU: The YouTube videos and authentic audio help you master basic and more advanced English conversation skills.

Nuance’s CCTE On-Demand E-Learning Exam Preparation Bundle: Get comprehensive e-learning exams, tutorials and study guides from the number one provider for personalized practice exams.

StudyStacks: Learn from video, audio and interactive content in an ever-expanding library of language courses with study guides, flashcards, quizzes and daily audio recordings.

Test-Prep Advisories: Study guides, practice tests and flashcards for some of the most popular tests in the CLEP collection.

History of Western Civilization I

Cost: $78.95

90 % (92 Reviews)


Students wishing to gain access to the educational material in this course can download it for $78.95. The History of Western Civilization I course includes 15 interactive lecture and video lectures. There are also 10 practice exam pages in PDF format that can be used for studying. Students can also access the course study guide for a detailed review of the topics covered in the course. The History of Western Civilization I course is easy to understand and it is also designed to promote student understanding, so it can be a useful way to increase a student’s overall college readiness.

Humanities – Literature

1-2 Weeks

Results of four CLEP exams on the first level.

Analytical Writing

1-2 Weeks

Results of five CLEP exams on the first level.

Humanities – Social Sciences

1-2 Weeks

Results of ten CLEP exams on the first level.

Small Business Management

2-3 Weeks

Results of five CLEP exams on the first level.

Civil Engineering

2-3 Weeks

Results of six CLEP exams on the first level.


2-3 Weeks

Results of six CLEP exams on the first level.


2-3 Weeks

Results of five CLEP exams on the first level.

College Algebra

2-3 Weeks

Results of four CLEP exams on the first level.

College Business Math

2-3 Weeks

Results of ten CLEP exams on the first level.


2-3 Weeks

Results of four CLEP exams on the first level.

Natural Sciences – Biology

Biology is the first of five natural sciences that you should get the CLEP for. Each CLEP will take about an hour to complete and will consist of three questions. However, you will only need to pass two of the exams to complete a Bachelors degree.

You must be able to answer all three questions correctly, however you should take the exam when you are younger, as it may be harder to answer questions that the typical college student can answer. For more information about the exam, visit the Natural Sciences section of the website.

Math – Probability and Statistics

These are basically tests to measure a student’s ability to reason. The question format is the same as a standard course, so you should be able to master this exam just like a regular test.


Exam preparation and studying is never a short process. There is a number of resources and companies out there that claim to offer the best, easiest and best value for money exams for CLEP. However, the reality is, it is very difficult to choose.

Exam preparation is an intimidating and difficult process and most students assume that there is no need to prepare at all. That assumption is simply wrong. Study materials and test preparation tools can help you get the most out of your time spent studying for CLEP.

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