California Coast University 2024: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Scholarships

California Coast University Acceptance Rate – California Coast University is a top university located in Huntington Beach, California. We offer a variety of programs that will appeal to students from all walks of life. Our top-ranked faculty and staff provide quality education and opportunities for students to pursue their dreams.

California Coast University Acceptance Rate - Best School News

If you’re looking for a top-tier university in California, Coast University is the place to be. With a wide variety of undergraduate programs and a strong academic culture, Coast University is perfect for students who want to study in one of the most vibrant and diverse states in America.
To apply to Coast University, you must first complete an application process that includes an essay, interview, and test. After you’ve put in the hard work, it’s time to relax and enjoy the journey! Once you’ve secured your spot at Coast University, you’ll have the opportunity to explore our beautiful state and find the best campus for your needs.

About California Coast University

California Coast University is a comprehensive university that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, engineering, law, health sciences, and social work. We provide a wide range of opportunities for students to achieve their dream of becoming a professional in their chosen field. Our campus is located in beautiful California’s Monterey Peninsula, just minutes from the heart of downtown Monterey. With a population of over 100,000 people, we offer access to world-class education and research opportunities.

California Coast University is an online institution that helps students all over the world get access to quality information that can guide them.

The idea behind developing this educational institute was to help professionals from all areas of business and industry who have the desire to achieve their educational goals but can’t afford to be in a classroom setting all day.

Every course and program went under the screening of Dr. Thomas Neal’s team to ensure they were good enough to be part of the university’s curriculum. The team created all the programs to reach the busy adults in society.

As you enroll in the program, you will access all necessary materials and even guidance from the faculty coordinators. They tailor every instruction to help you target all your attention on achieving your goal without a lot of stress.

California Coast University remains one leader in the industry of distance education. And they plan to bolster their efforts in reaching more professionals who want an education to better their life.

Is California Coast University legitimate?

California Coast University is a well-renowned university that offers top-tier education and opportunities. But is it legitimate? Is California Coast University an accredited institution? And can you actually attend the school?

If you’re asking yourself whether Coast University is legitimate, the answer is yes. Coast University was founded in 1994 and has since been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The university offers a variety of programs that can lead to a career in business, law, nursing, or other fields. Additionally, Coast University has a rich history that can be seen in the many graduates who have gone on to become successful professionals.

Does California Coast University accept fafsa?

In California, many schools accept the Federal Free Application for Education (FAFSA). This is a document that students use to apply to colleges and universities. The FAFSA is a Form 990, which is filed by schools with the IRS. If you are applying to California Coast University, you should be familiar with the FAFSA.

California Coast University Schools

California Coast University has six outstanding schools that offer all of its astounding programs. Each school holds a unique vision and a lot of departments under them. The schools include:

  • School of Administration and Management
  • School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Behavioral Science
  • School of Criminal Justice
  • School of Education

School of Administration and Management

The manifold field of business demands unique skills in business administration, management, marketing, and health care management. In each field, business professionals will work in a multitude of diverse organizations.

To do well, today’s busy professionals have to build the knowledge base required to be valuable in the wildly complex global economy; to do more with fewer resources; to pioneer the demands of today’s ever-changing workplace.

School of Arts and Sciences

A progressive workplace requires professionals with a strong educational foundation capable of achieving success in a variety of organizations and roles within those organizations as well.

An online degree program study at California Coast University will help you develop a broad-based education to meet your professional, academic, and personal goals.

School of Behavioral Science

The field of behavioral science demands its professionals to understand the diverse nature of people and to use that knowledge in a variety of organizations and in a variety of capacities within those organizations.

To succeed in any of the chosen professions, you need the information and the educational recognition required in the workplace.

Through this university’s quality distance learning programs, they have an excellent track record of helping students like you gain the resources to make significant contributions to both your employers and the communities wherein you live and work.

School of Criminal Justice

The field of Criminal Justice is both diverse and speedy. To protect our society and ensure our national security, busy professionals need information and educational recognition to enable them to do well in their chosen profession. Even if you want to advance your criminal justice career or find a new job in the field, the California Coast University online School of Criminal Justice can offer you the help you desire.

School of Education

The field of education demands its professionals to understand the diverse nature of students and educational institutions and apply that knowledge. To execute this, students must possess the information and educational recognition required in today’s education workplace.

With a variety of online graduate certificate and degree programs to a doctorate, the School of Education at California Coast University is committed to helping students gain that information and educational preparation.

Tuition Fees

Low tuition fees don’t always offer you the quality you need. Most times, institutions reduce their tuition costs to draw more students. California Coast believes that an investment in your education should cost you, however, it shouldn’t impoverish you.

For over ten years, this university has maintained a steady tuition fee for its students in all its programs. Each student pays a tuition per unit credit – the sum of their tuition is determined by the number of units they take.

Program Cost Per Unit
Associate $150
Bachelor $150
Master $230
Doctoral $290

California Coast University Admission Process & Requirements

The admissions process in this University is a simple process. It works in a simple process outlined in the University’s webpage. The process includes:

  • During the admissions process, all components of an applicant’s background – application, official transcripts, resume, and specialized training are thoroughly reviewed and tested against the University’s coursework requirements.
  • The assessment allows the University to determine which courses have already been satisfied by courses taken at another college or university, which courses a student may be eligible to challenge, and which courses may require the assignment of a Study Guide. Undergraduate students are also evaluated for experiential learning credit and/or specialized training credit.
  • The results of this assessment are plotted on a coursework degree plan, enabling an applicant to easily visualize exactly how all the parts of their background compare and can be utilized in completing the academic requirements.
  • The University’s programs have been designed to help applicants fill in the missing pieces and meet his or her educational goal.
  • An enrollment agreement along with the degree plan is returned to the applicant for review.
  • The enrollment agreement is then signed and returned along with the required fees.
  • A link to an online orientation is then sent to the student.
  • Finally, the first-course work is sent to the student.

The admission process has been simplified to meet the desires of any interested participant.

California Coast University Acceptance Rate

California Coast University is a top-ranked university that offers a variety of undergraduate programs in business, engineering, information technology, health sciences, and social work. With an acceptance rate of 98 percent, California Coast University is the perfect choice for students looking to pursue a career in the healthcare industry.

California Coast University Scholarships

Scholarships make it easy for students facing financial challenges study. There are too many testimonials that represent the importance of scholarships, and the role they play in building the society.

This university is an online university with a good number of students, but still young. For this reason, California Coast doesn’t offer scholarship opportunities to its students. However, there are a lot of plans to offer scholarships.


If you think California Coast University is not an elite institution, some reviews in this section will definitely give you a new perspective.

Stephen Strunk

Degree: Psychology | Graduation Year: 1997

I attended Christopher Newport University (BA), Old Dominion University (MS), and Virginia Commonwealth University (post-graduate Counseling Certificate). California Coast University is where I earned my Ph.D. in Psychology. I found the degree to be challenging and rewarding. It also opened many employment opportunities and gave me a solid education at the graduate level. CCU is accredited and a great deal for someone who is trying to finish graduate work while being employed full time.

Andy Ash

Degree: Business Administration| Graduation Year: 2019

This school helps me achieve my goal of graduation with a 4-year degree. I had previously attended another school for my associate’s degree and all my credits transferred. The education was challenging and rewarding and I am proud to have graduated Magna Cum Laude. The staff, from enrollment to graduation, are helpful and the feedback I received invaluable. Thank you for making my experience with California Coast University one I will remember and be proud of.


Degree: Criminal Justice | Graduation Year: 2013

I am very satisfied with my experience with CCU. I used my GI Bill to complete my bachelor’s degree with no issues. The staff and veterans assistance staff were amazing. They handled all of my concerns in a timely manner. My degree earned me a raise at my current job and I can’t thank CCU enough. I am currently enrolled in their master’s program for criminal justice and am having a similar experience. Thank you, if you choose CCU you will not be disappointed.

Jamal Barghouti

Degree: Business | Graduation Year: 1999

Faculty and Advisors support from first course to graduation was excellent. Someone always answered my phone calls. Books were available at the University. I studied hard and was evaluated sincerely, honestly, and fairly. My field research was well worth it and my work was published in the Journal of Business Ethics – USA. My degree made a huge difference in my life, especially when I decided to teach after retiring as an engineer. My company also covered the cost, fees, books, and travel to present my work to a Panel of Professionals at the University.


When you’re looking for an online school that will help you study while you’re a professional, then CalCoast is a perfect choice. Amazing programs, stable tuition fee, and full-time assistance mean you’ll study and graduate without a lot of stress.

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