How to Work in Canada From Nigeria in 2024/2025

Work in Canada from Nigeria | Canada is properly perched inside the northeastern part of the arena map and it can be sincerely literally bloodless out there. A lot of Nigerians are primarily based in Canada for numerous motives from tourism, have a look at to go to, and business/working. Getting a process in Canada idea isn’t rocket science, it isn’t as clean as some scam artist in the call of marketers makes it seem. “Work in Canada from Nigeria”

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  • How can I get a job in Canada from Nigeria?
  • How much will it cost to migrate to Canada from Nigeria?
  • How can a Nigerian pharmacist work in Canada?
  • How can I go to Canada for work?

Canada has one in all the most organized systems within the globe and so the approach of getting a 2 months traveler visa and hurriedly look for paintings or possibly enlarge the visa period would maximum likely now not paintings in Canada. A lot of Nigerians have fallen prey to so-called marketers who acquire exorbitant fees with the promise of helping them get a well-paying process with a Canadian corporation, handiest to be defrauded and end up without each the process and their money. Your attorney will paintings with the site visitors ticket issuing enterprise and prosecutors to lessen your visitor’s violation to one on the way to no longer plague your permanent riding record.

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Going to Canada

With their very organized structure, and a very flexible and expansive work force, the Canadian labour market is one that has a lot of room for job seekers and when it comes to employing beyond the shores, Canadian firms are one of the most open and welcoming.

Although their standard of living is high, it’s not over the roof as many as portrayed it to be.

How to get a job in Canada from Nigeria: Sites to visit

Getting a job in Canada from Nigeria would of course require your time to keep applying to job openings that are offered to both residents and international applicants.


To have any chance of landing that dream Canadian job, you must know that you’re to possess a skill or have an experience that would entice employers. Also, you must be willing to spend time online to extensively apply.

To be honest the route that has worked for many in getting their desired Canadian jobs and procuring a Canadian Working Visa is a platform Express Entry.

Express Entry is a platform that has helped many job seekers gain both jobs and entry into Canada. Although it hasn’t worked for everyone because of different reasons including qualifications, employer’s selection, some specific issues employment lawyers dealing with and so on, Express Entry has a lot of positive feedbacks.

Express Entry is used to manage applications for permanent residence under these federal economic immigration programs:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program, and
  • The Canadian Experience Class.

How it works

  • To begin your Canadian employment journey, simply log on to
  • Click on register and provide accurate info about your Nationality, Skills, Work Experience, Language ability, Education, and so on.
  • Keep applying to openings and always check your inbox for mails from Express Entry.

If you meet the criteria of one of the federal immigration programs, you will be accepted into a pool of candidates.

Note: Entry into the Express Entry pool does not guarantee a candidate will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Invited candidates still have to meet eligibility and admissibility requirements under Canada’s immigration law (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act).

The highest-ranking candidates in the Express Entry pool will be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Information on your profile must be as detailed as possible because candidates will be ranked against others in the pool using a point-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System. Points are awarded using the information in their profile.

Candidates with the highest scores in the pool will be issued an Invitation to Apply.

If you’re invited to apply, you will have 60 days to submit an online application for permanent residence.

Candidates can stay in the Express Entry pool for up to 12 months. If they do not get an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence within 12 months of submitting an Express Entry profile, they may submit a new profile.

Candidates can stay in the pool for up to 12 months. If they do not get an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence within 12 months of submitting an Express Entry profile, they may submit a new profile. If they still meet the criteria, they can re-enter the pool. This will prevent backlogs and ensure quick processing times.

If you’re lucky enough to get an ITA, then youremployer would do most of the process for you. For visa procurement and tracking, you can visit:


15 Bobo Street, Maitama, Abuja.

+234 70428 48030


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