Union County Public Schools 2024: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Scholarship

Union County Public Schools (UCPES) is a public school system in Union County, New Jersey, United States. The school district has an enrollment of over 9,000 students and offers a variety of educational opportunities for students in pre-kindergarten through twelvth grade.

Union County Public Schools 2022: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Scholarship

Union County public Schools are a great place to study. The curriculum is well-taught and the staff is supportive. However, the school district has recently faced some challenges.
The acceptance rate for students has decreased in recent years, and this has had an impact on the school’s ability to provide quality education. To help address this issue, the Union County School District is working to improve its recruitment process. They are also looking into ways to increase the diversity of their student body.

Union County Public Schools is a great school. It has a good education and the kids are happy here. But there is one thing that may be holding students back: the acceptance rate.
union county public schools is a great school, but it has a bad acceptance rate.
The reason for the low acceptance rate may be several things. Maybe the school isn’t as good as it seems. Maybe the students aren’t interested in going to the school. Maybe there are too many other schools in town that they would rather attend. Whatever the reason, Union County Public Schools needs to make some changes if they want to keep up with the competition.

About Union County Public Schools

Union County Public Schools is a public school in Union County, New York, United States. It is part of the Union County School District which serves students from the villages of Brockport, Dixville, and Northumberland. The school district covers an area of 16 square miles (40 square kilometers). Founded in 1892 as a single-room schoolhouse by settlers who followed the advice of a Congregational minister, Union County Public Schools became one of the largest public schools in New York State after it opened its doors to students in 1895. The school system has since grown to include over 12,000 students and staff.

Are Union County Public Schools good schools

In Union County Public Schools, there is a total enrollment of 9,412 students. The diversity score in these public schools has been slated at 0.7. The College Completion Rate of students here is 24%, and the average earnings of graduates from Union County Public Schools is somewhere around $36,100.

These facts put together, go to show how much progress Union County has made on the school system.

The schools here have been recognized as one of Georgia’s Charter School Systems; as such, Union County Schools will strive to remain one of the top rural school systems in the state.

Why attend Union County Public Schools

  • Union County possess highly qualified teachers will empower your child to think critically while also nurturing their creativity in a safe learning environment.
  • Union County schools provide educational experiences that will prepare your student to be a leader as well as a responsible, caring and service-oriented citizens.
  • In Union County, students feel welcome and know that the staff cares about them. Although there is pressure to perform, it comes in a way that promotes learning, with an expectation that students will excel and the support is provided to make it happen.
  • In Union County Schools, only the best is good enough. Quality is expected, and nothing less is acceptable. Passion for excellence is a driving force each and every day.
  • Union County schools have also been made popular because of the level of discipline imbibed on the students. Students at these public schools are taught to respect others and failure to do so cannot be tolerated.
  • In Union County public schools, there is a variety of instructional techniques. No two classes, or two students are identical. This has been rated as one of the essential qualities of a good school. The teachers understand these techniques and this helps students to be successful all-round.
  • In Union County public schools, the staff understands that everyone is different and as such, students’ abilities and needs are different. The teaching and interactions with students in public schools in Union County the needs of each student, with the understanding of each as a unique individual.

Are Union County Public Schools Ivy League schools

Union County Public schools are highly spoken of by the residents of the county. They have great infrastructures and come out of their way to ensure the students are positively impacted.

However, on a national level, Union County public schools cannot be referred to as Ivy League Schools.

Union County Public Schools Ranking

Union County, NC public schools have an average math proficiency score of 62% when compared to the North Carolina public school average of 42% and reading proficiency score of 60% when compared with the 46% statewide average. Schools in Union County have an average ranking of 10/10, which is in the top 5% of North Carolina public schools.

Minority enrollment is 38% of the student body (majority Hispanic), which is less than the North Carolina public school average of 52% (majority Black).

Union County Public Schools Acceptance Rate

The Union County acceptance rate is 100%. SAT and ACT is neither recommended nor required in Union County Schools.

Union County Public Schools Admission Requirements

In Union County, parents can enroll their kids into public schools online through a process in the website in Scribbles. However, at a stage, they would still be required to go to the school during the final stages of registration. Ensure that your child is between the ages of seven and 16.

That is the age required for enrollment into a public school in Union County.

To enroll your child, you should have some documents. Some of the documents you should have are-

  • Birth Certificate- The birth certificate is to verify the age of your child. They can be obtained from county officials where your child was born.
  • Immunization Records- A certified copy of immunization records must be included and must include a doctor’s signature or a clinics stamp as proof that the immunization vaccines have been given. of your child’s immunization record that includes a doctor’s signature or a clinic’s stamp as proof the vaccines were given. Please view the Kindergarten Registration booklet below for a complete list of immunizations required by law before your student’s first day of school.
  • Health Assessment-Any student new to NC Public Schools is required to submit a Health Assessment
  • Name, Telephone Number and Address of previous school attended
  • Report Card or Grade Placement Information
  • Two proofs of residence
  • Acceptable Documents to Prove Residence
  • Notarized rental/purchase agreement
  • Utility bills (electric, telephone, gas, etc.)
  • Driver’s license and automobile registration
  • Car insurance and property insurance policies
  • Income tax W-2 form and property tax bill

You would be required to contact the school to verify the particular documents needed to complete the registration process. You can also send an email to the school with your questions about the registration process. Schools in Union County always give a timely response.

What is the tuition rate in Union County Public Schools?

The tuition rate varies from school to school. However, the differences between the cost do not vary greatly. Tuition in Union County Public Schools has been estimated to cost about $512 – $520

Are there Scholarship Opportunities in Union County Public Schools?

Public schools are mostly sponsored by the government. As such, there are several scholarship opportunities open to students in these private schools. Financial resources have been put in place for the residents of Union County.

There are provisions grants and scholarships that benefit the quality of life for all the citizens of Union County.

The scholarship and grants opportunities available are-

Union County Foundation Quarterly Grant and Scholarship Program-

The Union County Foundation offers a Quarterly Grant Program to support non-profit groups and organizations in Union County like the public schools.

Each quarter in a year, grant and scholarship applications are reviewed by the Distribution Committee. Recommendations for funding are then presented to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for final approval.

The quarterly grant deadlines are the first business day of January, April, July, and October.

For scholarships, you would be required to fill a form. After filling the form, you would submit it and if you get accepted, you would be contacted by the program.

Scholarships for Union County Graduating High School Seniors

The Union County Foundation offers a Quarterly Grant and scholarship program to support non-profit groups and organizations in Union County. Each quarter, grant applications are reviewed by our Distribution Committee.

Recommendations for funding are then presented to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for final approval. The intent of the scholarship and grant fund is to annually distribute a minimum of $2,000 in the form of an academic scholarship.

To get accepted, you must be from Union County

John & Kandy Taylor College Book Allowance Fund-

This is a very unique scholarship program. It is among the top scholarship programs known to the residents of Union County. This scholarship program is open to all students and it requires an essay, application, or minimum GPA.

You would have to write an essay and attach when submitting the essay, a record of your grades. If you fail to do this, you might not be eligible to get this scholarship.

Coleman Memorial Scholarship-

This scholarship is established in the loving memory of Kathryn I. Marsh Coleman and her beloved son James H. Coleman.

They had a dream of helping children who had been disadvantaged or disabled. They figured out a way to help young people by giving scholarships and grants to these special people.

The Coleman Memorial Scholarships is designed to benefit children with disabilities who are under the age of 18.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation Union County Fund Hometown Community Garden and Greenspace Grants-

This scholarship scheme has been put in place to promote the development and maintenance of gardens and green spaces in Union County. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation Fund offers an annual grant program to fund public green scapes.

This scholarship is granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability, or national origin.

Feed Union County Grant Program-

The Feed Union County Grant Program supports non-profit groups and organizations in Union County that provide meals and/or food to those in need. This program assists employees, franchisees, school students, and seniors.

To date, this scholarship scheme has awarded at least $44 million in scholarships or more to more than 39,000 students. There are limited funds for this program. Grant applications will be considered and awarded until the limited funds have been expended.

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The Union County NAACP Education Scholarship-

This is another really popular scholarship amongst the residents of Union County. To be eligible for it, you must be graduating high school senior year and plan in attending an accredited college or university. You must also possess a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above on a 4.0 scale.

Your academic standing and community service are a consideration, but financial need is also a concern for awarding scholarships.

In applying to this scholarship scheme, you would be expected to fill a form and attach at least two recommendation letters to it from a person other than a relative. You would be eligible to get up to $500 in cash if you are selected.

When should a Transfer Application be initiated in Union County Public Schools?

In Unity County Public Schools, there are provisions for transferring from one school to another. When the educational, physical, mental, or emotional needs of the student cannot be fulfilled by any reasonable means within the present public school, he or she can transfer to another school altogether.

Also, you can transfer from the current school your family’s residence changes during the school year and the new residence is in another school attendance zone.

If you, as a parent or legal guardian are building or acquiring a new home in a different Union County Public Schools attendance area than the one in which the student is now zoned, you may request a transfer to the new attendance area before the acquisition is complete.

Any student who has a sibling assigned to a separate setting classroom through the Exceptional Children’s Program that is not in the student’s assigned attendance zone may petition to also transfer to the school for which the Exceptional Children’s sibling has been assigned.

You may apply for a transfer for your child through a lottery to any school whose population is no more than 85% capacity or for Special Program Schools with or without a defined attendance area.

All transfers are only valid for the school year for which it was granted and reapplication must be made for the next school year.

What is student life at Union County Public Schools like?

In Union County Public Schools, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, school starts at 8:25 am and ends by 2:45 pm. On Wednesdays, school starts at 8:25 am and ends by 1:45 pm. The first bell in Union County Public Schools rings at 8:20 am. The bell for lateness rings at 8:25am

Students may arrive at school beginning at 8:00 am. The double doors by the parent drop-off circle will close when the first bell rings at 8:20 AM. Students arriving after this time will need to be walked into the school building by the adult who brought them to school.

Students arriving after the second bell at 8:25 AM will also need to be signed in by an adult. The expectation is that students are in their seats in their classroom, ready to learn, each morning by 8:25 AM.

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What is the COVID Policy in Union Public Schools?

In Union County Public Schools, masks are optional for the students and staff. It is however, mandatory from those individuals who are returning from quarantine. During the quarantine period, the student will not be allowed to come to school.

When a student or staff member returns to school after quarantine, they would be required to wear a face mask up until the 14th day. Under the new bill, all schools must offer in-person education options for students.

Elementary schools will now operate under Plan A (minimal social distancing), and secondary schools must offer Plan A or B (a mix of in-person and virtual learning). Virtual learning opportunities will continue to be offered, too.


In Union County, you can see eye to eye with a turtle, you can also let your imagination run wild with a winter stroll through a Union County park. You can also have outdoor fun with the whole family. All these make your Schooling experience one of a kind.

Research has also shown that when you are studying in a happy environment, you tend to retain faster and studying is easier. Union County Schools has all the best infrastructures for students who are ready to let education create a beautiful path for their future.

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