Top Universities In Ireland 2024 for International Students

Top Universities In Ireland – Ireland is the perfect destination for students who are seeking an international education. There are a variety of options available to international students and if you’re looking to study abroad, Ireland is one of your best bets. We’ve gathered information on the top universities in Ireland for international students so that you can get started on preparing for your future and finding the right university. Best of luck on your search!

Top Universities In Ireland 2022 for International Students

It is a common misconception that studying abroad in Ireland can be difficult. The reality is that it’s one of the easiest countries to study in when it comes to language, culture, and overall comfort. Here are some of the top universities for international students who want to study abroad in Ireland.

Whether you are looking for a degree in business, arts, science, or engineering, Ireland has many universities that will provide the best education for international students. With more than 100 universities and colleges in Ireland, there is plenty of choice for those looking for a new home. Choosing the right university can be difficult. If you’re wondering where to start, this list of top universities in Ireland should get you started on your search.

Brief History On The University Of Ireland

This blog post is about the University of Ireland, an institution that has been educating students since its establishment in 1845. It was founded by Archbishop John Henry Newman who believed that the Catholic religion and learning could coexist. It has a long history that includes a number of achievements. From being one of the first universities to grant degrees without examinations to being the first university in Europe to provide a degree in law, it has had quite an illustrious history. Here are some ways in which it has made a valuable contribution to society.

Ireland, a neighboring country of the United Kingdom, is one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Interestingly, over the last few years, it has emerged as a preferred destination for international students.

Despite its size, Irish universities are ranked among the best in the world and study in Ireland, for European students. I

also operates a free rate system, which allows those who meet the criteria to avoid tuition fees if they study a publicly funded course.

For international students, there is a large selection of scholarships, grants, and bursaries to help finance their studies in this beautiful country.

Why Study in Ireland?

Many universities in Ireland have a good international position, and the country as a whole is a popular choice for international students.

The varied selection of higher education institutions combines historic cities, the beautiful countryside and the unique culture of Ireland to make the country a very attractive destination to study.

Below are relevant reasons why studying in Ireland is a better option for international students:

Which Universities In Ireland Are Part Of The UK?

If you currently live in Ireland and plan to take a third level course in Northern Ireland (NI) or elsewhere in the United Kingdom (UK), there is a wide range of courses available.

Many people choose to study in the UK because a specific course is not available in Ireland or because the entry requirements are easier. Others want to have experience studying outside Ireland. Before submitting an application, you must know the different structures and costs of tuition in the UK at the third level specifically in the rates and costs of living.

For instance, there are various price arrangements within the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom (UK) includes England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Most undergraduate courses in the UK last 3 years, but in Scotland 4 years. In addition, the application process begins early in Ireland. It is important that you start searching for courses at least 12 months before you start studying. The procedures for applying for all undergraduate courses in the UK are the same.

Below are the Universities In Ireland that are part of the UK

  1. Queen’s University Belfast
    • St Mary’s University College
    • Stranmillis University College
  2. Ulster University
    • Belfast Campus
    • Coleraine Campus
    • Jordanstown Campus
    • Magee Campus (Magee College)

What Are The Available Degree To Study In Ireland?

Below is the available degree to study in Ireland:

  • Agriculture & Forestry5 Masters
  • Applied Sciences & Professions49 Masters
  • Arts, Design & Architecture132 Masters
  • Business & Management331 Masters
  • Computer Science & IT99 Masters
  • Education & Training83 Masters
  • Engineering & Technology129 Masters
  • Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences54 Masters
  • Hospitality, Leisure & Sports28 Masters
  • Humanities186 Masters
  • Journalism & Media34 Masters
  • Law46 Masters
  • Medicine & Health264 Masters
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics90 Masters
  • Social Sciences259 Masters

Universities In Ireland For Masters

With ancient universities, rich cultural heritage and a well-earned reputation as a friendly and welcoming country, it’s no wonder that a Masters in Ireland is an attractive option for international students.

If you decide to spend your time earning a master’s degree in Ireland in exciting Irish cities, you will be able to choose from a great variety of universities, colleges, and business schools.

Higher education institutions in Ireland offer a wide range of Masters’s programs in Ireland, which include MBAs and other business-oriented Masters degrees, human and technical masters programs, technology programs and many more.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons for studying a master’s degree in Ireland in 2022:

  • International outlook – The presence of around 19,000 international students gives Irish universities a cosmopolitan atmosphere.
  • Academic heritage – Ireland is home to Trinity College Dublin, one of Britain and Ireland’s famous ‘Ancient Universities’.
  • Employment opportunities – There are generous terms for students who want to work part-time in Ireland, as well as those who want to find graduate employment after finishing their Masters.
  • English-speaking country – Along with Malta, Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone. One benefit of this is that lots of multinational companies have their base in Ireland.

What Are The Course Types?

The Republic of Ireland is part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and its qualifications follow an internationally-recognized format. As is common elsewhere in Europe, Irish Masters’s degrees are postgraduate (or ‘second-cycle’) programs, completed after an undergraduate degree.

What Is Masters Degree Duration In Ireland?

Most courses take at least one year of full-time study to complete, but some may last for two years (this is likely for research-focused programs).

In most cases, you will spend two semesters of instruction to complete study modules and associated assessments, before starting work on an independent research and thesis project in the third semester and continuing with it during the summer.

This later will represent a large proportion of your overall score and will generally be read by an external examiner, as well as markers at your institution.

What Are The Master’s Fees And Funding In Ireland?

The cost of Masters’s programs in Ireland varies, but international students pay the same rate as domestic students for some courses. Funding is also available to help support the postgraduate study.

Masters Fees In The Republic Of Ireland

Postgraduate fees at most Irish universities are calculated according to student nationality.

  • EU and EEA students can expect the cost for a year of full-time study to be between €4,000 and €9,000. Fees for more expensive programs in subjects such as business or medicine will be closer to €20,000-€30,000.
  • Students from outside the EU and EEA can expect to pay around €9,000 per year as a minimum, with some courses costing up to €30,000 per year. Again, business and medicine subjects are likely to be at the more expensive end of this range.

Masters Funding In The Republic Of Ireland

There are several financing options for international students seeking to study a master’s degree in the Republic of Ireland.

Individual universities often offer fee waivers for some master’s students or grant charitable donation scholarships. You can research these options by exploring your organization’s website or by contacting them directly.

The funding agencies also provide general support for postgraduate studies in Ireland.

The Irish Research Council works similarly to the rewards of the United Kingdom and offers three main financing programs.

  • The Enterprise Partnership program supports high-quality researchers seeking to develop key transferrable skills.
  • The Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship supports academic research in all subject areas and is available to international students seeking to study in Ireland.
  • The Employment-Based Postgraduate program operates through employer partnerships at specific institutions.

How Can I Apply For A Masters Degree In Ireland?

Normally the minimum academic requirements for admission to a Master’s program in Ireland are relevant university degrees with second-class honors or better grades.

Universities may also require applicants to submit a personal statement describing their interest in the course and field as well as specifying their research goals (where applicable).

In some cases, you may be asked to attend an interview; this is likely for competitive courses in some reputable institutions.

Language Requirements

Though the official language of the Republic of Ireland is Irish (and many citizens speak Irish to some degree) English is the first language for most of the population and used for teaching at all of the country’s higher education institutions.

If English is not your first language (and you have not previously studied on a program delivered in English) you may be asked to submit a score from a recognized language test as part of your application.

Irish universities and IoTs accept various internationally recognized tests, including the TOEFL, IELTS and PTE Academic formats.

Test Score Requirement
Internet-Based TOEFL 88
IELTS 6.5 (minimum of 6.0 in each component)
PTE Academic A minimum score of 6.3

Masters Student Visas In Ireland

As a member state of the European Union, Ireland allows students from the European Union and European Economic Area countries (in addition to Switzerland) to enter study without requiring an official visa. That is to say, if you have a student status, you will not need a residence permit.

Citizens of countries that are not members of the European Union and countries in the European Economic Area must apply for a visa to enter Ireland and register with one of the following organizations when they arrive in the country:

  • The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) if you’ll be living in Dublin
  • The Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) if you’ll be living outside Dublin

This will allow you to receive an Irish Residence Permit (IRP), the fee for which is €300.

Applying For A Visa

You can apply for a visa to study in the Republic of Ireland through the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, which also offers more information on the documentation required by different applicants according to their circumstances.

An Irish embassy or consulate in your home country will also be able to provide more information.

General application documents and requirements will include the following:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of enrolment at a recognized Irish university.
  • Proof of health insurance (if required)

You may also be asked to demonstrate that you possess sufficient finances to support yourself during your studies. Acceptable evidence will generally include confirmation of a scholarship or proof of savings.

List Of The Best Universities in Ireland for International Students 2022

We have compiled a list of top and best Universities in Ireland for international students. And we will be stating a full detail of our 2022 ranking criteria.

We understand that choosing the right university can be exciting and challenging. The options available to you here are endless.

The selection of the best colleges in Ireland was done based on the number of programs, our data from reliable government sources, student surveys, college graduate interviews, and editorial review.

So, based on these criteria, below is a list of the best universities in Ireland for international students in 2022: Take the time to explore and discover why each of these schools is the first choice for International students and perhaps also the best option for you.

  • Dublin City University (DCU)
  • Maynooth University
  • NUI Galway
  • Trinity College Dublin – The University of Dublin
  • Technological University Dublin
  • University College Cork (UCC)
  • The University College Dublin (UCD)
  • University of Limerick (UL)
  • Mary Immaculate College
  • National College of Art and Design
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)
  • Shannon College of Hotel Management
  • Institute Of Technology Blanchardstown
  • Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT)
  • Waterford Institute Of Technology

#1. Dublin City University (DCU)

The University of Limerick (UL) is an independent, internationally focused university with over 11,000 students and 1,313 staff. The University has a proud record of innovation in education and excellence in research and scholarship.

UL also offers 72 undergraduate programmes and 103 taught postgraduate programmes across four faculties: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Education and Health Sciences; Kemmy Business School; and Science and Engineering.

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#2. Maynooth University

In Maynooth University student’s experience is being prioritized, both academically and socially to ensure that they graduate with the best set of skills to help them succeed in the world, whatever they decide to do.

The Times Higher Education Young University Rankings places Maynooth among the top 50 universities under 50 years old.

Maynooth University is home to the happiest international students in Europe according to the StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Award.

Along with the Students’ Union, there are over 100 clubs and societies on campus, providing the lifeblood of student activity.

Maynooth University is also one of the Best Universities in Ireland.

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#3. NUI Galway

NUI Galway is internationally recognized for its excellence, and we were counted among the Top 1% of universities worldwide in 2017 in the QS World University Rankings.

In the past five years, NUI Galway has been the only university in Ireland to rise consistently in the most competitive World University Rankings. Both the QS and Times Higher Education Rankings have placed the University in a higher position year-on-year.

NUI Galway is Ireland’s top University for employability – with over 98% of our graduates employed or in further study within six months of graduating.

NUI Galway is also one of the Best Universities in Ireland for international students in 2022.

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#4. Trinity College Dublin – The University of Dublin

Founded in 1592, Trinity University is one of the best in Ireland. The impressive campus is located in the center of the vibrant capital of Ireland and is home to a community of academics at the forefront of research and teaching.

Trinity College Dublin combines world-renowned historical traditions and research centers of excellence, a unique opportunity to combine a rigorous academic program and an unparalleled variety of cultural, social and professional experiences.

Trinity is also recognised as a top international center for research and a world leader in Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Immunology, Mathematics, Engineering, Psychology, Politics, English and many more areas.

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#5. Technological University Dublin

With 28,500 students TU Dublin is the place where the arts, business, science, engineering, and technology converge.

TU Dublin is also the largest third-level educator in Ireland, provides an inclusive and open learning experience offering pathways to graduation, from foundation to undergraduate to Ph.D., to students from all over the world.

TU Dublin is also one of the best Universities in Ireland for International Students 2022.

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#6. University College Cork (UCC)

UCC not just the best Universities in Ireland for International Students but also known as Ireland’s leading Research Institute.

UCC is the first university in the world to be awarded the international Green Flag for environmental friendliness. The University is a long-established school with a distinguished history, and students will benefit from being a member of such a prestigious university.

Students will also benefit from UCC’s excellent support system and countless opportunities for academic development through their programs and personally through clubs and societies.

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#7. University College Dublin (UCD)

Dublin University College is one of the leading intensive research universities in Europe. Ranked first by 1% of institutions worldwide, in the 2019 QS World University Rankings, UCD placed 185 in the world. In 2019, for the third year in a row, the UCD University ranked first in Ireland in terms of employability of graduates and 78 in the world, in the QS graduate employment ranking.

UCD is the global university in Ireland, the largest and most international university in Ireland with over 8,000 international students from 138 countries. International academics make up more than 30% of UCD teachers, and more than 50% of the staff funded by UCD research are not Irish.

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#8. University of Limerick (UL)

The University of Limerick (UL) is an independent, internationally focused university with over 11,000 students and 1,313 staff. The University has a proud record of innovation in education and excellence in research and scholarship.

UL also offers 72 undergraduate programs and 103 taught postgraduate programs across four faculties: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Education and Health Sciences; Kemmy Business School; and Science and Engineering. UL is also one of the best Universities in Ireland for International Students 2021.

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#9. Mary Immaculate College

Mary Immaculate College (MIC), founded in 1898, is the leading university in undergraduate education and liberal arts in Ireland, and it teaches 40% of primary school teachers in the country.

MIC has a growing and diverse community of 5,000 students enrolled in undergraduate programs in education, liberal arts, theater studies, early childhood care, and education, as well as in a variety of postgraduate level doctoral programs.

MIT alumni are at the highest level in many sectors nationally and internationally, especially in the fields of education, media, psychology, linguistics, and public policy development.

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#10. National College of Art and Design

The National College of Art and Design in Dublin is the leading provider of art and design education in Ireland. Its campus is located in downtown Thomas Street, in the historic Freedoms district of Dublin, in a community of 1,500 undergraduates and graduates participating in a wide range of studies and research in the disciplines of design, education, fine arts, and visual culture. NCAD has been Ireland’s most important provider of art and design education for more than 250 years and is a recognized college at University College Dublin.

Dublin is a private place to study. Dublin’s rich cultural heritage and burgeoning arts and design landscape, along with inspiring landscapes at its door, create a unique place to study. Dublin is a vibrant and multicultural city, home to the smallest and best-educated population in Europe.

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#11. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

A singular focus on health sciences, underpinned by our surgical heritage dating back to 1784.

A strong focus on developing advanced clinical skills are core to developing the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

Our ability to ensure that we continue to graduate students with advanced clinical skills, in an era when patients are increasingly being treated on an out-patient basis and day-case surgical basis, leads to the investment and development of the largest clinical simulation center of its kind in Europe.

With undergraduate schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Physiotherapy, students study in multi-disciplinary teams. This prepares students for life after graduation when working as part of the healthcare team.

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#12. Shannon College of Hotel Management

Shannon Collge is one of the best universities in Ireland, with 100% employment on graduation day. The undergraduate degree includes two paid internships with over 100 hotel partners in 16 countries worldwide.

Also, with Business degrees awarded by the National University of Ireland and also a world-renowned hotel school since 1951.

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#13. Institute Of Technology Blanchardstown

Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown (ITB) (Irish: Institiúid Teicneolaíochta Baile Bhlainséir) established in 1999, was a third-level institution, now amalgamated into Technological University Dublin.

It was the last-founded Institute of Technology in Ireland and its campus is located within the Business and Technology Park on Blanchardstown Road North.

ITB provided full-time and part-time higher education courses in a wide range of subjects, making awards at levels from a higher certificate, to Ph.D. ITB is also one of the best Universities in Ireland for International Students 2022.

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#14. Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT)

The Athlon Institute of Technology (AIT) was named the Institute of Technology 2018 (The Sunday Times, Good University Guide 2018).

AIT is a leading technology company in innovation, applied education, and student welfare. AIT’s strength comes from identifying areas of skill shortage and working with companies to improve company-academic ties.

The institute includes 6000 students implementing a wide range of programs in the fields of business, hospitality, engineering, information technology, science and health, social sciences and design fields.

More than 11% of the full-time students come from abroad with 63 nationalities represented, reflecting the globalized nature of the campus.

The Institute’s global approach is also evident in 230 associations and agreements signed with universities and research institutions around the world.

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#15. Waterford Institute Of Technology

Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) being one of the best universities in Ireland is also one of the longest established (1970), largest and most academically respected Institutes of Technology in Ireland.

It is an autonomous Higher Education Institution operating within the Irish National Qualifications Network.

The awards from WIT are recognized worldwide and graduates of the Institute occupy senior positions in major companies in Ireland, the EU and further afield.

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Many international students choose to study in the best Universities in Ireland because of cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high-quality education.

Ireland also offers excellent value for money and a standard of living that is amongst the highest in the world. Meanwhile, the standard of living and tuition costs in Ireland are considerably lower than in the UK and the USA.

I know that you are glad now exploring through this post, why not try applying to any of the best universities in Ireland for international students in 2022.

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