Top Salesforce Partners: How to Find Them

Salesforce’s capacity to be tailored to fit the requirements of a business is one of the most powerful functionalities. Since generating new leads is the backbone of any business, your Salesforce Partner should offer consulting and implementation assistance. The absence of new business contacts guarantees that your organization will struggle to meet its aims and objectives.


There are numerous Salesforce consulting firms out there. Regrettably, selecting a trustworthy Salesforce partner can be difficult due to the abundance of possible options. And getting the most out of the Salesforce demands one to find the right partner as quickly as possible for work to start. Fortunately, there are several approaches to consider to avoid the pain that comes with not knowing where to begin. Below are tips to help you choose the best Salesforce partner for your business.

Start making the most of your relationships.

Reaching out to your network for the best partner suggestions is worth considering. There is a ton of knowledge accessible regarding prospective Salesforce consultants, their goods, and initiatives that they can use to inform and assist you on a wide range of issues.

Look through the Salesforce partner catalog for your nation or region.

Top salesforce partners are found on the AppExchange Salesforce webpage. It is a fantastic resource because it provides a collection of all local partners. Such sites show you real partners that have been assessed and their partner status. Begin inputting your region into the search window and then pick “Consulting Partners.” There are different status levels, ranked from top to bottom. The partner must typically have at least one Certified Technical Architect on its books to achieve the highest status, but this is still a relatively uncommon credential.

Their customer projects should be similar to yours.

Request at least two case studies from their customers on tasks that are similar to the job you want to handle.  Suppose the partner has previously completed the same tasks; such is a green light that they understand what they are doing, mainly if their client can show or approve practical samples.

Consult with the stakeholders

It is just as valuable to audition Salesforce partners as it is to audition prospective employees. During the layout and mentoring phases, your organization must cooperate with the partner, and you must be confident that the partnership will operate effectively. When speaking with a spokesperson from a Salesforce consulting partner company, remember to ask them relevant questions about your company’s initiatives.

Inquire about their professional experience and the number of advisors on their crew. Unless your business is significant, you will not require a Salesforce partner with enough assets to serve all your business units. A limited consulting company with only one or two specialists may cause the setup, personalization, and training processes to take longer. Such can result in more idle time and potential business loss.

While speaking with Salesforce associates, ensure they are knowledgeable about data transfer and can provide you with an accurate time forecast. You might not want to take the chance of losing your data. You have to be ready for the moment when your processes will be unavailable. To help to reduce the likelihood of data loss, inquire with your partner about cloud storage backup and recovery.

Ask yourself whether you desire the partner to be located in your area.

Working with organizations outside your region is convenient, particularly with cloud technologies. Salesforce makes it effortless to do execution work remotely. Nevertheless, you must be cautious and do your research on the organizations. If you are working with a distant partner, it is beneficial to have a robust internal capacity to track your business operations that will be put in place in Salesforce.

Salesforce undertakings that rarely go as planned are probably due to misinterpretation of missing criteria, procedures, or failure to recognize the effort needed to clean up information before it is posted or incorporated into Salesforce, among other factors.

Request a projected cost.

Remember that low cost is often not preferable; when a bid seems too tempting, you should look a little more before settling on one consultant. A Salesforce partner in the United States typically charges $150-$250 per hour just for execution.

Validate the number of verified personnel the partner has. Please inquire with the partners about the number of accredited employees they have. Whether the licensed employees will be operating on your proposal in the key segments such as:

  • Salesforce credentialed advisors; If you are incorporating the Sales Cloud, inspect to see if they have Licensed Sales Advisors; the same is true for the Service Cloud.
  • Salesforce licensed designers; there are different sorts: standard credentialed designers (select configuration specialists) and “Specialized Designers” (software builders). There aren’t many innovative licensed builders available, but it’s always a plus if they do, mainly if your project will require programming.
  • Salesforce licensed technical designers; are still scarce. However, it is a positive indication if a partner has one.

Have a look at the size of the partner


Anytime you search for a partner, strive to figure out the partners of the same size as your corporation. Such is simply a matter of individual choice. A more significant business may not care as much about the venture because it is “relatively minor,” and the smaller company does not have the same budget for the project, especially if it is unexpectedly required. Big blue-chip consulting firms keep asking the same question. One international blue-chip consulting firm had only ten Salesforce personnel.

Final Words

There is always a partner capable of delivering a workaround for every challenging task. The remedy must be designed for your specific organizational requirements when incorporating Salesforce for a business. Otherwise, your invested capital will go to waste.

Partners are a select group of substantiated Salesforce experts who collaborate with you across goods, sectors of the economy, and everything in between. Salesforce provides a broad array of products and innovative thinking to meet a wide range of business needs throughout different markets. Salesforce is preferred by business owners over other commodities due to its international accomplishments.

Some companies make the mistake of enlisting only an administrator to carry out the execution, or they decide to find solutions to the challenge by themselves. Such an approach can produce unsatisfactory results because the administrator position is most suitable for managing day-to-day Salesforce operations instead of customizing or developing Salesforce. Now, with the guide given, it is clear where to start from.

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