SIMCLEX: The Best Solution for Your Home Security Needs is a nursing school prep program that’s helping students learn the content they need to pass their classes and the NCLEX with an insane pass rate of 99%. Their program sounds great on paper, but does it help you pass the NCLEX? This detailed review

it has been used by over 360,000 aspiring nurses to pass their nursing school classes and the NCLEX (with an insane pass rate of 99%). Their prep course includes on demand video lessons, thousands of practice questions written by nurses, and a unique NCLEX

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Options

Section 3: Analysis

Section 4: Conclusion

If you’ve gone to nursing school, or have just finished one, there is no doubt that you’ve encountered the dreaded NCLEX. Of course you have. There are ways around that exam… just don’t try this one.

Hull, Minnesota (PRUnderground) March 26th, 2018

Learning the content you need to pass the NCLEX is important. Our nursing program has produced an astonishing 99% pass rate on their exam. However, if you’re serious about passing the NCLEX, then this program is for you. This review will help you decide if this program is right for you, and if it is, we’ll show you how to make the most out of your NCLEX studies.

The Good

As a teaching hospital for nursing school, SimpleX is no stranger to teaching intensive NCLEX courses.

What is SIMPLEX?

The most popular nursing schools in the country have ranked SIMPLEX as the best for student outcomes. SIMPLEX provides the best options for students, including a 30-minute video interview, small group interview, and standardized exams.

SIMPLEX provides assessments for anatomy, clinical scenarios, communication skills, and math to pass your NCLEX. However, not everyone uses SIMPLEX. They also have options for you to review at your own pace.

What do students say about SIMPLEX?

If you’re looking to take the NCLEX, it’s best to take SIMPLEX with other students who also want to pass.

Kailey Drane, a former nursing student, said, “I am not a fan of online classes. I felt that there were issues with registration.

How Does it Work?

The SIMPLEX pass rate of 99.73% makes for a pass rate of 96% if you run the program for six months straight. The key to the SIMPLEX pass rate is the intense community, tools, and support that this program provides. No other home security system can claim that level of support and community.

In your home security case study, you should be getting the best products, the most bang for your buck, and the highest levels of customer support. SIMPLEX makes that possible.

Your complete coverage is broken down into several types of scenarios and you’ll have a team of people to reach out to if you ever need them. The SIMPLEX team are always on hand to assist you.

What Does It Cover?

The SIMPLEX home security system covers virtually everything you need in a home security system.

Why choose SIMPLEX?

Their program is designed around preparing you for your nursing licensure exam using accurate and comprehensive resources. Instead of being forced to learn an exam-specific practice board that’s too complex and leaves you vulnerable to misinformation and outright deceit, SIMPLEX designed a test prep system for you to help you take the NCLEX exam in the most secure, safe and trustworthy way.

So much information and advice is out there about taking the NCLEX exam and passing it. SIMPLEX is the largest, most well known, and credible test prep company that helps thousands of people passing the NCLEX exam. Their one-on-one coaching gives you real-time guidance based on your situation.

Efficiency. Versatility. Expert knowledge.

Pricing and alternatives

Simplex From $29.99 per month

Initial cost of the package is $299.99

The company is based in the United States and operates in every country on the globe.

A detailed comparison of security services is provided.

100-day free trial

Free lifetime tech support

Money back guarantee for cancellation within 90 days.

You can start using the software for as little as $29.99 per month and increase your subscription for an additional $100 a month after the 90-day free trial.

Notably, the first payment comes with a free 90-day tech support. This offer is available only for new users.

The company aims to make the best possible home security solution with a clear focus on user experience.


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