Marist High School Chicago 2024: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Scholarship

Marist High School Chicago Acceptance Rate – Marist High School is a private, Catholic high school located in Chicago. It has a low acceptance rate of only 8%. This is due to the high level of academic rigor at Marist and the desire for students to enroll in a Catholic institution. Marist strives to be competitive in all aspects of its academics. The faculty is composed entirely of certified teachers and the curriculum offers rigorous college preparatory courses. Some notable alumni include Dan Wells, author of The Terror, and Christine Pedi, former Miss America.
With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why Marist has such a low acceptance rate. Find out more about this prestigious school by checking out our website!

Marist High School Chicago: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Scholarship

Marist High School is one of the most prestigious private schools in Chicago. It offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum and has an acceptance rate of only 8%. In addition to its rigorous academics, Marist is known for its arts programs and has a top-notch music department. The school has talented student athletes, as well as stellar dancers and singers. Want to know more about this amazing school? Keep reading to find out how you can attend Marist High School!

About Marist High School Chicago

Marist High School is a private Catholic College-preparatory school in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, operated by the Marist Brothers on behalf of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

The school was founded in 1963 as an all-male institution. In 200, it expanded its curriculum. Currently trains over 1,700 young men and women every year.

Marist offers a unique experience for students and families: A Catholic, co-educational high school that offers a challenging academic program, successful athletics, a wide range of activities, social events, and much more.

All of this is based on our foundation of faith and family. The combination of our offerings and the incredible success of our students is unparalleled.

Academic, social, and emotional preparation of students for higher education and life requires an environment that reflects the real world.

The real world is co-ed, and Marist graduates are ready to interact and work with members of the opposite sex in both the classroom and the workplace.

This co-ed dynamic enables students to grow both as individuals and as members of the community.

What Programs are Available in Marist High School Chicago?

As in many Catholic high schools, students have to complete four years of religious studies. In their fourth year, students can opt-out of traditional courses and complete their graduation requirements through community service or peer leadership.

In community service, students are to travel off-campus to work in a hospital, study group for adults with developmental disabilities, high school, or other such settings.

Peer leadership provides seniors with the opportunity to work in a classroom that helps teachers and other students.

There are 16 different AP courses in;

  • English Language and Composition
  • English Literature and Composition
  • Analysis (AB and BC)
  • Biology
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Physics (C)
  • US History
  • European History
  • US Government and Politics
  • Psychology
  • Computer science
  • Art History
  • Studio Art
  • French Language
  • Spanish Language

Marist High School Chicago Tuition Fees

Marist is committed to providing a high-quality Catholic education for your tuition fees. Tuition only covers part of the actual cost of training a student at Marist.

  • Registration fee: $400.00
  • 2020-21 tuition: $13,150.00
  • Total: $13,550.00

An early payment discount and a monthly payment plan are available from the office. The purchase of books and uniforms is the responsibility of every Marist family.

Admission Requirements and Test at Marist High School Chicago

The entrance exam is the first step in the admissions process for Marist High School Chicago. The entrance exam takes place on the first Saturday in December and the scheduled date will be announced on the school’s website.

It is important for eighth-grade students to determine their high school option. Students can only take one Catholic high school entrance exam.

  • Marist offers the possibility to test on campus or online.
  • Testers on campus should arrive at the main doors of the school between 7:30 and 8:00 am and bring a completed health assessment form.
  • Pre-registration is required and runs until the planned valuation day. When registering, students choose the option on campus or online.
  • Marist High School administers the HSPT entrance exam, and study guides for this exam can be purchased online or at local bookstores. Make sure the study guide includes the HSPT entrance exam.
  • The Marist High School entrance exam is designed so that it can be taken without using a calculator. Students are not allowed to bring a calculator with them on the day of the test.
  • Criteria for making decisions about acceptance and placement include the results of the HSPT entrance exam taken at Marist and the records of the 7th and 8th grade high schools.
  • Certificates of admission will be sent on the day specified by the Catholic Schools Office.

Marist High School may provide extended time for the entrance exam for students who provide the following:

  • Psycho-pedagogical evaluation over the past three years
  • Eighth-grade IEP, 504 Plan, or ICEP

The second step in the admission process is to fill out the online application. Students will receive instructions on how to fill out our application after the entrance exam.

Marist High School Transfer Students

Marist High School will review transfer applications for the 2022-2023 academic year from students entering their sophomore year or younger. Please call the admissions office for information on the application deadlines.

  • Complete the Transfer Application Form
  • Complete the Transfer Admission Disclosure Form
  • Include the registration fee of $400.00. This fee will only be refunded if we are unable to accept the applicant.
  • Include copies of all transcripts or unofficial transcripts and standardized test scores from your current high school.

As soon as we have received the above information, we will review your application. If you are a student with good academic status and no disciplinary issues, you will qualify as a candidate for admission.

Qualified candidates must conduct an interview with the admissions committee. Once the interview process is complete, the students will be informed of their acceptance status.

MHS Acceptance Rate

School Ranking has been one of the reliable ways to know which school is better and should be recognized. Most high schools in the United States and in Chicago especially have a long history of effective and quality teaching system for students and at an affordable price.

Most of these high schools are not enlisted as having a respectable acceptance rate and high ranking. However, Marist High School Chicago has a strict acceptance rate of 46% and a student-teacher ratio of 16:1. Students that end up securing admission in Marist have an average ACT score between 26-30.

Marist High School Athletics

Marist sponsors the following sports for boys and girls, all of which are regulated by the Illinois High School Association (IHSA): basketball, bowling, cross country skiing, golf, soccer, athletics, volleyball, and lacrosse. Boys play baseball, soccer, and wrestling. Girls compete in poms, cheerleading, softball, and swimming

Marist also sponsors boxing and ice hockey, although these teams do not participate in state series sponsored by the IHSA.

It attends the East Suburban Catholic Conference (ESCC). Marist also participates in the largest school classes on the IHSA-sponsored state series. Known more for academics than athletics, Marist has taken the top four spots in several IHSA-sponsored state championship series.

MHChicago Scholarships

Marist High School prides itself on offering academic scholarships to eighth-grade students after taking the school test. The scholarships are as follows:

RedHawk Scholarship

Marist is offering a $4,000 scholarship to students who score in the 95th to 99th percentiles on the entrance exam. The scholarship can be extended if the student has a good reputation and has a B average or better.

Champagnat Scholarship

Marist offers a $2,000 scholarship to students who score in the 90th through 94th percentile on the entrance exam. This scholarship can be renewed if the student is in good standing and has a B average.

Brothers Scholarship

Marist offers a $1,000 scholarship for students who score in the 85th to 89th percentiles on the entrance exam. This scholarship can be renewed if the student is in good standing and has a B average.

In addition, Marist High School works with a number of outside organizations to help deserving students and families obtain a Marist education. Many generous donors give Marist scholarships that are given as part of the school’s financial support application process.

A number of scholarships, financed by generous donors at Marist, are also awarded as part of the school’s financial aid process.

External scholarships are offered by the following organizations, among others:

The Big Shoulders Fund 

Itoffers over 30 different types of scholarships for Catholic elementary and high schools in downtown Chicago. Your local Big Shoulders Fund elementary school principal has details on all Big Shoulders Fund scholarships.

The Big Shoulders Fund works directly with school staff and does not accept applications from parents/guardians. Please understand that submitting an application through the school does not guarantee that the scholarship will be awarded.

Typically, requests exceed the resources available, but all applications are considered.

Daniel Murphy Scholarship Foundation 

The mission of DMSF is to provide four-year high school scholarships and educational support services to disadvantaged eighth-grade students in Chicago that demonstrate academic potential to ensure they are adequately prepared for college.

The students are supported by tutoring and mentors throughout their entire school time. Summer employment is possible through the DMSF Summer Caddy Program.

Further positions are available through the DMSF Summer Opportunities Program. The foundation provides SAT / ACT preparation, student counseling, and a college fair for academics as they near the college.

The foundation works with numerous executives, companies, foundations, and private high schools to award around 100 new scholarships each year and to meet the educational needs of its 400 scholarship holders.

HFS Chicago Scholars 

Through this, the school awards scholarships to disadvantaged, vulnerable students in downtown Chicago that display academic leadership skills and promise. The application deadline is December every year.


They offer partial scholarships for students to attend high quality private high schools in Chicago. Scientists sign a contract in which they undertake to maintain a B-Average, participate in HighSight’s academic program, and participate in the various activities of the program.

Parents have to contribute some of the lessons and take part in fundraising drives.

HighSight identifies potential applicants through a network of schools, programs, and community-based organizations. Students from all over Chicago submit their applications during the winter of their eighth year.

After completing an application, students and parents will be interviewed by the HighSight Selection Committee. Qualified students will then receive four-year partial scholarships based on financial needs, character, attitude, and academic potential.

LINK Unlimited is a non-profit organization that provides four-year high school scholarships, mentoring, and program support to disadvantaged African American eighth-grade students who have high academic potential and strong personal character.

The Private School Aid Service assesses the ability of each family to contribute to the applicant’s educational costs.

Each family must demonstrate through the application, income verification, and parenting statements that it would not be possible to attend a private high school without financial support.

Quigley Scholars (For young men only)

Through the generosity of many donors in support of the long and lasting legacy of the Quigley High School seminar program, the program offers scholarships of $2,500 (renewed annually) to help students enrolled in Catholic high school.

Participation is the most important part of the program. To receive the full scholarship, students must be present at monthly meetings. Please refer to the website for information on other obligations and requirements.

The Standing Tall Charitable Foundation’s 

Its purpose is the continuation of a mission that began during the forty-two-year career of Father Dr. John P. Smyth as the executive director of Maryville Academy, an Illinois non-profit child protection agency.

It has always been Fr. Smyth’s belief that a key factor in ending the cycle of abuse, poverty, and neglect among youth is education.

The foundation wants to reach as many young people in need as its funds allow. These funds will help impoverished youth and their families who do not have access to schools that have the potential to break the barriers of isolation in needy areas and provide an environment for a child to receive a full education.

Our goal is that the youth recipients can ultimately step into the power of their own lives to improve the youth, the family, and society as a whole.

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