20 Best High Paying Travel Jobs

High Paying Travel Jobs – When you’re looking for a travel job, it can be difficult to figure out what is the best option. With so many options and opportunities, the question becomes which position will suit your needs? One of the most common jobs in travel is working as a tour guide. However, since this is a high paying job with many perks, it’s not always easy to find an opportunity. Here are some tips for finding your perfect travel guide job.

20 Best High Paying Travel Jobs

Ten years ago a high paying job in tourism was considered a luxury. It is now a necessity for many people who want to get ahead in life. With the increased need of high paying jobs comes the increased number of low quality jobs. Quality traveling jobs are hard to find, so if you want one the best thing to do is create your own. Here are some tips on how to start your career as a high-quality tourist worker.

High paying travel jobs to consider

There are many ways to travel. Some people enjoy the adventure of being a tourist, while others prefer the comfort and convenience of traveling as a business traveler. If you’re looking for a new career that can bring you both money and adventures, there are plenty of opportunities out there. However, it’s not always easy to find these jobs on your own. That’s where this article comes into play. We’ve created a list of high paying travel jobs you might want to consider if you want an exciting career that pays well!

While travel jobs are more commonly associated with the hospitality industry, there are many other careers given to traveling both nationally and internationally. The following list includes high-paying opportunities that allow you to explore the world as part of the work you do. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on each salary link below:

1. Airline pilot

National average salary: $44,761 per year

Primary duties: A airline pilot is responsible for navigating an aircraft safely to its destination. They may be responsible for flying an airplane from a major airline or a private jet for individual passengers. Some pilots are responsible for cargo. Many first officers an

2. Hotel manager

National average salary: $51,151 per year

Primary duties: A hotel manager is ultimately responsible for the operations of the hotel, including employees, marketing, accommodations and caterings. They work closely with others at the hotel to ensure that operations are running smoothly for all guests. A hotel manager may also need to secure vendors, develop contracts with on-site restaurants and shops and figure out what part of the hotel to upgrade based on budget.

A hotel manager may need to travel frequently to learn more about the hospitality industry, visit sister hotels or manage other hotels in the same chain.

3. Infection preventionist

National average salary: $70,568 per year

Primary duties: An infection preventionist is responsible for researching and understanding disease. They identify patterns of disease within groups and in certain populations. Once they understand a disease more, an infection preventionist will develop ways to prevent the disease from spreading among members of a group. They travel to different communities to conduct interviews and see how the disease is spreading in different parts of the world.

4. Geologist

National average salary: $73,816 per year

Primary duties: A geologist is responsible for understanding the way natural disasters and events can affect the earth. They may study things like landslides, earthquakes and volcanos so they can advise specialists on how to build their buildings or other structures to avoid damage. A geologist may travel to different parts of the world to consult with architects.

5. Executive recruiter

National average salary: $73,870 per year

Primary duties: An executive recruiter is typically responsible for managing a team of recruiters who work to place employees in open positions at another business. They may conduct background checks, complete preliminary interviews on behalf of their client and make hiring suggestions to companies for their open requisition.

If completing the recruiting efforts themselves, they may be responsible for filling executive-level roles at an organization. An executive recruiter may need to travel to the city of their client’s home office to complete their work.

6. Marine biologist

National average salary: $74,011 per year

Primary duties: A marine biologist is responsible for working with marine life, usually in a saltwater environment. They research different ecosystems and the organisms that are found within them to understand more about their interaction and their impact on the areas around them. A marine biologist may sometimes work in a lab to conduct their research.

7. Senior auditor

National average salary: $79,813 per year

Primary duties: A senior auditor is responsible for making sure a company is in financial compliance. They may look at financial records to identify ways to reduce waste, save money or budget better. A senior auditor works with a team to review the current processes in place at an organization and make suggestions on ways to be more compliant moving forward.

This job requires a lot of travel if you work for an auditing firm that has a lot of clients around the world. You must be able to visit client sites to conduct your audit appropriately.

8. Marine engineer

National average salary: $82,117 per year

Primary duties: A marine engineer is responsible for the design and build of marine crafts, including sailboats, submarines and other vessels. They may also need to maintain these same machines. A marine engineer could need to travel to the site of the carrier or tanker to perform their work.

9. Environmental engineer

National average salary: $82,948 per year

Primary duties: An environmental engineer is responsible for enhancing and improving the environment through the understanding of soil, biology and chemistry. They improve systems like waste disposal, air pollution, recycling and public water to bring about positive changes to the environment.

10. Construction manager

National average salary: $86,391 per year

Primary duties: A construction manager is responsible for supervising a construction build, which can vary from a new neighborhood, corporate offices, roads, bridges and industrial structures. They may manage other individuals who have a role on a job site, like planners, builders, safety officers and more. It’s common for a construction manager to need to travel to different construction sites to make sure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

11. Travel nurse

National average salary: $94,304 per year

Primary duties: A travel nurse is responsible for taking care of patients in the same way other nurses may except they complete their work as employees of health care staffing agencies who contract them out to work at different hospitals and care facilities around the nation for a specific length of time.

12. Yacht broker

National average salary: $100,289 per year

Primary duties: A yacht broker is responsible for facilitating yacht sales. They may form relationships with yacht and big boat buyers and sellers. An experienced yacht broker is in high demand as buyers and sellers may want to use them specifically to brokerage their deals. A yacht broker is knowledgeable about the commanding price for yachts and can give their clients a fair idea of what they can expect to earn in a deal.

13. Regional director

National average salary: $105,387 per year

Primary duties: A regional director is responsible for managing multiple stores in a certain region of the United States. They work directly with store managers to make sure all of them are complying with company guidelines and upholding company values. They share business strategies and ensure that they are working toward the goals of the company. A regional director frequently travels to all the stores in their district to visit in person.

14. Chief executive officer

National average salary: $110,583 per year

Primary duties: A chief executive officer is responsible for corporate operations. As the highest-ranking executive at any organization, they are a key part of corporate decisions, manage the other executives, communicate with the board of directors and make sure the company is adhering to the budget, producing quality products and continuing to grow as an organization.

15. Creative director

National average salary: $110,771 per year

Primary duties: A creative director is responsible for managing graphic designers or a marketing team. A creative director helps their team plan the design for a deliverable that may appear in advertisements, websites, business cards, product packaging and more. They may travel to work with clients so they can understand their branding and vision. Once the designs are completed, they may visit the client site again to present the designs.

16. Sales director

National average salary: $112,136 per year

Primary duties: A sales director is responsible for managing a sales team and ensuring that the group reaches preset sales goals. They may provide customer service training and help their team members with their negotiation tactics. It’s common for a sales director to need to travel to meet with customers and clients face-to-face.

17. Architect

National average salary: $114,811 per year

Primary duties: An architect is responsible for sketching and designing new structures, which can be anything from a residential neighborhood to an office complex. They build blueprints that a building team can follow based on the conversations they’ve had with clients to identify their needs.

18. Senior project manager

National average dalary: $118,367 per year

Primary duties: A senior project manager is responsible for leading their team in planning and organizing one or several projects. They are directly involved in the budget and timeline, and they collaborate with their team members and stakeholders who are responsible for the result to make sure everything is completed properly.

19. Senior business intelligence analyst

National average salary: $131,105 per year

Primary duties: A senior business intelligence analyst is responsible for analyzing the finances and operational expenditures of an organization and providing a report to executives. They may provide solutions that will help the business save money and improve operations so they can generate more sales, retain more talent and make efficiency improvements.

A senior business intelligence analyst is frequently needed at larger organizations, and they are responsible for traveling to the corporate offices and other branches of the organization to conduct their work.

20. User experience researcher

National average salary: $133,277 per year

Primary duties: A user experience researcher is responsible for learning more about user behavior and motivation to understand how an organization can build a system that provides what a user needs. They may provide an understanding of user needs and experiences to a product design team or a group responsible for creating a new website. A user experience researcher may need to travel to conduct usability sessions so they can perform surveys and testing to optimize user engagement.

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