Cirkul Water Bottles: The Best Hydration Bottle Ever

Get hydrated with Cirkul, the world’s first water bottle that infuses your water with over 40 different flavors. The new hydration trend. Become a part of the movement and join the growing number of people who are drinking water, not just to survive, but to thrive. Cirkul Water Bottle

What makes Cirkul the best hydration bottle

1) Cirkul is an eco-friendly beverage bottle that is not only refillable, but makes a pleasant sound when it is removed from the bottle.

2) Cirkul is made from a sturdy eco-friendly material and is also BPA free.

3) It has the CIRKUL WAY around the bottle’s metal spout and the CIRKUL cutouts to insure great taste.

4) The product comes with a convenient soft carry case, so when you are done enjoying your beverage, you don’t have to put it in your mouth and chew and taste the old flavor.

Cirkul water bottle protects you from environmental influences, while adding flavor with each sip.

Cirkul is the world’s first 3D infused hydration bottle. In the process, water becomes infused with 40 different flavors, spices and sweeteners, allowing you to enjoy the flavor of the drinks you drink.

Why did we create Cirkul?

By combining our creativity and years of experience in branding and marketing, we brought to life a device that delivers hydration from any source imaginable. It’s the first reusable, refillable water bottle that infuses water with over 40 of your favorite flavors!

Think of your water bottle as an extension of you. Refill it with your favorite drink of choice and carry it with you wherever you go. As you sip, Cirkul provides added olfactory stimulation, too. Add flavor to your water. Make drinking water fun!

Fresh Drink In The Middle Of Our Journey

All those flavors combined with the Cirkul hydration system creates a taste experience unlike any other.

Why is water so Important to stay hydrated?

While 80% of our bodies is water, we only need about 10% of the liquid to function properly, so hydration is important for your overall health. Drinking water keeps your organs healthy and when you drink water, you also wash out toxins from your body.

The best part about drinking water? It also helps you lose weight, because it helps you feel full and when you are full, you eat less. Drinking water also keeps your skin healthy, heals cuts and wounds faster and helps prevent allergies. So make sure to drink up today and for more information visit

What type of flavors are available for hydration bottles?

Cirkul hydration bottles are the first of their kind.


Cirkul water bottle

Cirkul flavors and what they can do for you

There are 3 main varieties in the Cirkul Hydration lineup, Mocha, Espresso and Original (listed below). These flavors are infused into a water bottle that has a unique, clean-lined design, with an extremely sleek “C” shape.

Cirkul’s origins are rooted in the wellness movement and its dedication to delivering a greater knowledge of life, helping to improve the human condition. Cirkul Water Bottle

The beverage contained in the bottle should not only quench your thirst, but also provide a constant source of hydration. In other words, it is the best and freshest water bottle on the planet. Cirkul Infusion bottles were designed with a clean slate, one that is zero-waste, energy-efficient and 100% recyclable.

Who Should Drink More water?

We’re not saying you should drink two gallons of water a day. It’s just that we think everyone should think about increasing their intake of water regularly, and the easiest way to do this is to fill up your hydration bottle with flavored water and keep it nearby.

Unlike regular water, Cirkul’s flavored water will taste good every time you pick it up and when it goes down the hatch, it’s going to taste great.

The brand’s biggest goal is to get more people drinking water by changing the way people look at drinking water. Whether you’re playing golf or kicking it in a bustling city, the flavor-infused water bottle is here to keep your thirst quenched. Not sure if Cirkul will work for you? Test it out by adding a flavor to your water and you’ll never buy bottled water again.

The importance of staying hydrated if you’re a fitness enthusiast

We go through a lot of water for exercise. But drinking water in our sweat, our work-out clothes, our house, and everywhere in between can be pretty draining.

Have you ever considered that a water bottle you’re drinking from may not be giving you the proper dose? Did you know that our body can process eight glasses of water a day, without an issue?

The Cirkul, which won the TechSpot product of the year award in 2017, was created by design lovers. Many have played around with their concepts and prototypes since 2011. They used the help of MIT engineers and scientists, plus research from NASA to make the Cirkul.

The multi-award-winning design innovates the way you consume water by combining flavored elements with your water in a bottle that simply slips in and out of your mouth.

How to drink enough water in a day

  • The average American drinks 82 ounces of water per day.
  • The average Brit drinks 86 ounces of water per day.
  • Some suggestions include:
  • Drink 3-4 liters of water a day
  • Drink two liters (or eight glasses) of water throughout the day
  • Drink 8 glasses a day

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Water bottles are still a necessity in any traveler’s suitcase and will be for the rest of our lives. After carrying them around for two weeks, we are starting to realize that these water bottles are not just essential in our lives, but a necessary part of the lifestyle that we have.

So next time you’re traveling, don’t lose hope and be prepared with the best travel water bottles on the market. You’ll be able to feel more carefree and ready for any adventure.

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