Asheboro High School 2024: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Scholarship

Asheboro High School Acceptance Rate – Asheboro High School is a top-performing school in the area. Its acceptance rate has been consistently above 90%. However, with so many rigorous admissions requirements, there are a limited number of spots available. So how do you get into Asheboro?

Asheboro High School: Acceptance Rate

Asheboro High School is a nationally accredited school. It provides an opportunity for students to learn and grow in the arts. The school has a high acceptance rate, making it one of the most popular choices for students looking to attend a top-tier university.
The success of Asheboro High School is due in part to its strong focus on arts and humanities. With more than 90% of the students earning at least a C grade in math, science, and English, the school has plenty of opportunity for talented students.
But even with such a successful admissions policy, there’s no guarantee that every student will be accepted. There are countless factors that contribute to an individual’s decision to attend a college or university, and no one size fits all. That’s why it’s important to keep an open mind when evaluating your own chances of being accepted to Asheboro High School.


Asheboro High School has an impressive program for the future. The students will get to take part in a program that incorporates fine arts, sciences, computer technology, and engineering.

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The future students of this school will receive help in the learning and growth that these disciplines give. This will help the future students of this school to be better prepared for the real world in the future.

The Asheboro High School’s Academic Program has a curriculum that contains more than general education.
The academic focus for Asheboro High School is the college preparatory curriculum. The curriculum emphasizes “learning by doing” as opposed to rote memorization.

Students participate in a college-prep program that emphasizes problem-solving, effective research and producing complete and coherent written work. Students work one-on-one with educators to ensure that they are able to prepare themselves for the challenges of the 21st century.

Asheboro High School Academics

The academy focuses on giving students the necessary tools to be successful at a post-secondary level. Students must work towards a diploma. Students must also meet certain standardized testing requirements and maintain a certain GPA to graduate.

Through rigorous curriculum and services that take into account an entire student’s growth and need, Asheboro High School is able to meet the needs of students while preparing them for post-secondary education.

The academy’s educational approach is a blend of rigorous college preparatory instruction and personalized support.

AP classes  Advanced Placement (AP) courses are challenging classes designed for students to build college and career readiness. These courses are either offered at the AP or Honours/Achievement level.

Asheboro High School offers a number of academic options for students, including AP classes  Honours and Advanced Placement classes,  SAT prep classes  Honours/AVID courses,  Dual enrolment, and  Dual credit courses.

The school’s comprehensive approach to the academic process, combined with the faculty and staff at Asheboro High School, helps students to succeed.

The Asheboro High School has several different opportunities to get involved with academics.  ACT: The school offers ACT preparation on campus in conjunction with local businesses.

Once the student has passed the test, the school can offer free tutoring to students who want to retake.  Students have the opportunity to take Pre-AP courses in English, U.S. History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Civics.

This is the program that prepares students for Advanced Placement classes in their sophomore, junior, and senior years. This class has options for those who may want to study and become a doctor, engineer, or lawyer.

In the Business and Entrepreneurial Academy (BEA), students are provided the opportunity to take business classes while in high school.

Grade Point Average: 4.0  Average GPA: 4.2  Preliminary SAT Score: 1070  College Readiness Index (CRI): 97  Average ACT Score: 16.9  The school is well known for its excellent academics.

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is very competitive and offers many honors, and Advanced Placement classes to students. This college preparatory school consistently sends students to university and college with a 3.0+ GPA.

And at Asheboro High School, 35 percent of all credits earned at ASHS are earned through classes enrolled in core academic subjects.

What time does Asheboro High School start?

Asheboro High School starts at 7:00 a.m. This is the time that is announced on the school’s website. This is the time that students are required to leave for their morning classes.

Asheboro High School English

English at Asheboro High School is a very diverse and diverse curriculum. They have English I, English II, English III, English IV, Creative Writing, and Art. English II and Art are designed to help with the learning of the grammar and spelling of words.

The two main emphases for the English courses are reading and writing.

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One of the biggest facets of the English department is its level of care and concern for students. They strive to help students with every aspect of their English education. They take a “Humble servant attitude” towards their students.

Assessments:  Asheboro High School students have access to multiple assessments to test their skills, talents, and knowledge. For students that need to know more about language arts or vocabulary, they have the opportunity to take either the TOEFL Exam or the MPI Exam.

The TOEFL exam is a test that is given to students in the USA to assess their skills in English. The MPI Exam is a test that is given to students in the USA to assess their literacy and comprehension.

Asheboro High School Math
Asheboro High School has a variety of math courses for all math levels. There are also a variety of dual enrollment programs that allow students to have math courses pre-calculus and calculus even though they have not taken calculus or pre-calculus. The dual enrollment programs are also open to students in other grades.

Asheboro High School Curriculum

Asheboro High School’s curriculum offers a number of different opportunities for students to take part in. Students have the opportunity to participate in a number of different clubs and organizations on campus that enhance the learning experience.

Some of these activities include:  FASB and FAS 117  Junior Forum  Mock Trial  Yearbook  National Honor Society Cadet Honor Society  Drills and Drills Ashbrook High School has a number of academic clubs and academic programs for students to take part in. Students have the opportunity to take part in a number of clubs and academic programs.

Asheboro High School Grading Scale

Asheboro High School is a Title I school, meaning that the school has a low percentage of economically disadvantaged students and also a high percentage of non-Hispanic white students. However, the school has not received a one-star rating.

The school has a current SACS rating of ‘A’ for their school proficiency, meaning that the school has met or exceeded the state standard of 92% in math and reading and language arts (ROWA).  Course Requirements.

The required course credits for Asheboro High School students include English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, and Health. Students must take at least 24 credits in order to graduate. Some students take more than 24 credits to graduate and can receive credits for advanced placement classes.

AP Courses
AP courses can be taken in any major for the course and for the year. Some AP courses are considered advanced, like college-level English, business, health, and psychology, which can be taken in the 11th or 12th grade.

Study Skills and College Readiness:  Asheboro High School has a wide range of study skills programs to help students better prepare for college.

Asheboro High School Healthy Lifestyles

Asheboro High School’s Healthy Lifestyles class helps students better prepare for college, helps students understand how to eat healthy, exercise, and avoid unhealthy behaviors.
Individuality and Expression:  Asheboro High School has an individual expression class where students can make art, write a short story, do a monologue, or dance.

Admissions & Requirements

To apply for admission, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.75. Applicants must also have a minimum of 30 credits in 11th grade and an SAT score of 1350 or above.

Acceptance does not guarantee that students will be admitted. Students will be notified in early February of their acceptance.

Asheboro High School Athletics

Asheboro offers many athletic programs to students. Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling, Cross Country, Golf, Track, Softball, Bowling, Baseball, Softball, Wrestling, Drumline, and Baseball.
Activities and Clubs:  Asheboro High School offers students many different activities and clubs to participate in. One of the most well-known activities is the National Beta Club, as it is a large and involved club.

Also, Asheboro High School requires students to live in the Asheboro City Schools attendance area. Students are allowed to transfer to Asheboro High School from out of the district.

Students can also choose to live out of the district, but are required to transfer within the first two years of their high school career.  Students are also required to complete the Ready2Work program.

This is a four-week training program for students to learn how to find and obtain work. Students have the opportunity to start working and earning money at the end of the program.

Academics:  Asheboro High School offers over 30 different Advanced Placement courses in Mathematics, English, and Science. Students must earn a score of 3 or higher on the AP Exams to be eligible to take the course.

Asheboro High School Application Process

One of the most common questions I receive from parents and students is how to apply to Asheboro High School. This is an all-inclusive list of application documents that one can access online.

The documents that are important to have, however, include:  Official Transcripts for the last two years from the secondary school in the U.S. or in the province or country the student is in (can also have a copy from the secondary school in the U.S. or in the province or country the student is in).

Two (2) or four (4) letters of recommendation from persons in the community where the student lives.  Two (2) or four (4) letters of recommendation from persons in the community where the student lives.

Asheboro High School Enrollment Process

Asheboro High School admits students to the 9th grade based on testing and performance on the tenth grade TNAS, entrance exams, and GPA (if available) on the eleventh-grade STARS.

The school admits students based on attendance, effort, interest, and GPA, and not the ability to pay tuition. Once admitted, students attend a year-round, collaborative program of classes, where they have an opportunity to succeed academically and to be involved in community service.

Academic Expectations  Asheboro High School’s academic expectations for the students are just as individual as the students themselves.

There are three areas that students must achieve in order to graduate, including graduation requirements, weighted GPA, and class participation. These are graded on a scale of 0-100.

Required Materials for Applications at Asheboro High School

Application Format  Date/Time for the Drop-off of Applications – March 7th (9 am) until the deadline for the online application is March 24th (5 pm)  Paper applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All online applications are submitted through  No late applications will be accepted  There will be NO exception requests to the application deadline  Questions  Contact Amanda Bolin (336) 626-3866 or email

Selection Criteria for Students who are selected will be based on one or more of the following: Academic achievement, Work Experience, Character, Citizenship, and/or religious affiliation.

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Asheboro High School Scholarships

Most students who apply to Asheboro High School have a variety of opportunities to receive scholarships. Scholarships are given based on the student’s GPA, extracurricular activities, etc.


Asheboro High School has a very diverse and enjoyable academic experience. Students have the opportunity to take courses from a wide variety of different classes.  Students also have the opportunity to be part of AP classes.

Advanced Placement classes are divided into Advanced Placement and AP Seminar, depending on the student’s level of knowledge.

AP students have the opportunity to earn up to two college credits. The classes and exams offered are of a very high standard, and students who choose to take the courses are among the top achievers in the school.

Asheboro High School Costs
The cost of attending Asheboro High School is covered by the student but is subject to state and federal financial aid as long as the student meets certain requirements.

Scholarships are given to the students based on academic achievements and/or other factors. Students can use up to $20,000 worth of funds from state and federal grants, so they should seek the maximum scholarship possible.

Admission:  Asheboro High School is a public high school in Asheboro, NC. The school educates students from grades 9-12. The school has a very welcoming and welcoming environment and has a variety of clubs and organizations for students to get involved in.

Asheboro High School | Important information
Asheboro High School in Asheboro, North Carolina provides a wide variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities to meet and excel in. Its academic program prepares students to compete with colleges, universities, and state schools.

The school includes regular and advanced classes for every student.  Its extracurricular activities include sports teams and clubs that students can join, which they can gain experience in for future college applications. Other clubs include the Sticky Blood Club, NAACP Club, National Art Honor Society, and many more.

Asheboro High School | Education and admission information:  Asheboro High School prepares students for college and university applications by offering a variety of academic and extracurricular activities.

Activities and clubs
Asheboro High School’s extracurricular activities vary widely, from the most basic activities, such as the National Honor Society, to more advanced groups such as the Journalism Club.

Several clubs and activities are run by each year level, such as the DECA Business Professionals of America organization.  Asheboro High School also has a variety of academic clubs.

The Academic Club is focused on encouraging the preparation of the students for entry into a four-year university. Students can participate in many activities in the club, such as competitive and academic competitions.

For students who would rather not participate in extracurricular activities, Asheboro High School offers the Study Abroad trip.

Asheboro High School Location and admission

Asheboro High School is located in Asheboro, NC. It is located just across the street from the high school that the high school students go to. The school has a variety of academic and extracurricular activities for students to participate in.

It has a very welcoming and welcoming environment and has a variety of clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. Asheboro High School is an academic high school that gives students a variety of opportunities and experiences to learn in different ways.

The school offers the opportunity to take courses, participate in academic competitions, participate in a variety of clubs and organizations, and have many different activities to choose from.

Asheboro High School School Culture

The school has a college-prep program and has high academic standards to achieve. Students at Asheboro High School are very welcoming and appreciative of the resources the school provides for them to be successful in their education.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities available at the school. The school also has a diverse student body that offers students the opportunity to join clubs that interest them.

Admission to the school is based on the student’s academic record, as well as the student’s desire to be at the school.

Asheboro High School is a four-year high school and has a selective admissions process. The high school only accepts students who are consistent with the school’s mission and goals.

What are the Extracurricular Activities at Asheboro High School

The extracurricular activities available at Asheboro High School are just as varied as the other academic offerings.  Art Club – This club focuses on visual arts and has been around for many years.

Each semester the club hosts a student-curated show.  – This club focuses on visual arts and has been around for many years. Each semester the club hosts a student-curated show.

Art Club (Independent) – This club focuses on visual arts and is an extension of the club at Asheboro High School.  – This club focuses on visual arts and is an extension of the club at Asheboro High School.

Art Study Club – This club, formerly known as the Art Study Club, focuses on enhancing students’ knowledge in art through lectures, demonstrations, and various workshops.


High school can be very stressful and overwhelming. There is so much to learn and a lot of expectations from other people.  It’s normal to feel like a freshman at the beginning of the year and that all the other students and teachers look older than you.

This can make you feel like you don’t belong like you don’t know what you are doing.  But this is normal and just because you aren’t confident or don’t feel the same, doesn’t mean you are a loser or a person with no potential.

There are ways to make new friends, build a strong foundation and you just have to go at it.  Remember that you are not alone.

Just because you don’t feel that you are experienced or smart enough or popular enough, doesn’t mean you are wrong or a failure.  There are many people who feel the same as you.

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