Why You Should Buy Your Next Car from Ald Automotive

ALD Automotive offers fleet management and long-term vehicle leasing solutions to companies in 43 countries. International and local teams are continuously working together to build tailored partnerships that best fit the client’s needs.

Placing client satisfaction at the core of its strategy, it provides fleet managers and drivers with innovative tools and services to make easier their everyday business and meet new challenges to come.

Why should you buy your next car from ALD Automotive?

1. ALD Automotive is a trusted partner

ALD Automotive is an automotive dealership group that has grown over the years to become a global company with more than 100 sales centers in 43 countries. The company is known for its cutting-edge solutions, loyal team members and reliable network of independent partners.

“We provide our partners with the highest quality automotive knowledge, assistance and education,” said Jaume Gil-Albert, the CEO and co-founder of ALD Automotive. “We are dedicated to developing innovative ways to improve our customers’ customer experience and serve them with the best-in-class services they need.”

What makes ALD Automotive the best choice for fleet management?

With ALD Automotive as your partner, you can achieve a lot. From fleet management to finance leasing, ALD offers customized solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Ald Automotive teams in 43 countries have the experience and knowledge to provide companies with all the tools needed to grow sustainably.

Seamless, effective, and flexible business solutions are offered to your clients to ensure an open communication and direct response. The flexibility and international reach of ALD is a great advantage for businesses looking to start or expand in new markets.

What makes ALD Automotive the best choice for leasing?

One of the main reasons why companies choose ALD Automotive as a partner is due to its wide range of leasing solutions for new and used vehicles.

What can drivers expect after making their purchase with ALD Automotive?

Purchasing a vehicle from ALD Automotive means that drivers can have access to a wide range of innovative products and services such as mobile applications that allow you to monitor the vehicle, schedule maintenance works and carry out warranty procedures. The company’s reputation speaks for itself and we expect that you will be confident in the company you select to buy your next car.

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A diverse range of cars are available at affordable prices at ALD Automotive, including all the brands of premium brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota and many more.

How to apply for a fleet management or leasing contract with ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive requires to undergo thorough online assessment for you to ensure you are up to date with your requirements and commitment to the contract.

Once you successfully pass the assessment, you will be provided with a customized and informed proposal that best matches your budget, total vehicle fleet size, type of vehicles and all the services you need.

Please note: This is an ongoing and evolving process. ALD Automotive plans to update the Online Assessment tool as soon as we can for clients who will have to re-apply to the platform later.

Learn more about the renewal option and the Program Overview

Save your time and take the time to read the Customer Overview and Program Overview.


If you are looking to start your business in the world of fleet management and car leasing, ALD Automotive can be your trusted partner.

Source: http://blog.ald.co.za/2018/04/recommended-vehicle-leasing-start-up-to-consider-for-your-car-leasing-solution/

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