ACT Approved Calculators: What You Need to Know

If you’re preparing for the ACT, then knowing what calculators are allowed on the test is an important part of your prep. Here’s a list of all approved calculators for use on the ACT exam. Looking for a calculator that’s approved by the ACT? You’re in luck. We have the best calculators for the ACT, all available to buy online, with free shipping on orders over $25.

Which Calculators are allowed on the ACT?

• Pencil Only Calculator

• Notebook Calculator

• Apple iPad Mini® (Wi-Fi only), iPad Air®, iPad Mini® (3G/4G), iPad Mini® (4G LTE), iPad Mini® (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

• Any battery powered mechanical calculator, including pocket calculators, from a brand name listed on the list below, such as HP, Casio, Sony, etc. The calculator has to contain a battery, and the calculator may not be completely charged. In addition, calculators that are used to convert inches to metric units or convert ounces to grams are not approved. Pencil and paper calculators will NOT be accepted on the ACT.

What calculators should you use to study for the ACT?

GEDROZ OK 2015 – Vantage Point (model 2073, Walmart) – this is the only approved GEDROZ calculator that is available for purchase on Amazon. It’s inexpensive, convenient, and perfectly fits for the ACT.

GEDROZ Advanced Plus (model 2076, Walmart) – the GEDROZ Advanced Plus calculator  is similar to the GEDROZ OK 2015 calculator except that it’s more of an advanced calculator. For the ACT, these calculators are more accurately called precalc and mathmax.

GRADESTO 18, 1900 (model 1890, Sears) – the GRADESTO 18, 1900 is the only widely accepted college-preparation calculator for the ACT. The GRADESTO 18, 1900 and the GEDROZ OK 2015 calculator are practically the same in most ways.

Should I buy a calculator from the list of approved calculators?

Just to be clear, you don’t have to buy a calculator listed on the ACT website. You can buy a “non-approved” calculator from a vendor, like a school or public library, and plug it into the computer on the ACT website to use in the exams.

However, many students make the mistake of trying to buy a calculator online without checking with the test proctor, who has the final say. It’s important that you buy from the manufacturer listed on the official list of approved calculators, and not a third party vendor.

What’s the difference between the approved and the non-approved calculators?

For every test that the ACT administers, there is a limited number of approved calculators. This list is updated after every test, so it will have the latest release.

Buying your calculator

Choosing the right calculator for the ACT test can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of different calculators on the market, and all have their unique advantages and disadvantages.

To narrow your search, consider the types of questions you’re likely to see on the test and how accurately your calculator performs when solving those problems. With this information in hand, you can buy a calculator that best suits your needs.

If you’re not sure which calculator to buy, we recommend looking for a good deal on a good one. Spend some time browsing calculators, and when you find the right calculator for you, buy it online. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help from friends who have taken the ACT or have been more than willing to answer any questions you have.


Know that you don’t need to know every item on this list for your ACT prep. Use the calculators that are most helpful for you, and trust your instructor’s expertise to help you figure out the rest.

Have any other questions about what calculators to use for ACT test prep? Share them in the comments!

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